Self-Defense Orlando
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Instructiors Page
Instructor:  Tony Rowells

Mr. Rowells is a well-known and established martial artist in central, and south Florida. He has worked as head of security for various nightclubs, and corporations.  Currently Mr.Rowells is the head of security for Templar Protection. Templar Protection provides Close protection for various celebrities and high profile clients nationally and internationally. With all of Mr. Rowells prior work experience in the security field he has acquired a vast knowledge of what martial arts "tools" are most effective in real life situations.

Instructor: Aaron Allen

Mr. Allen has studied a wide variety of martial arts styles over the last decade. He also has worked security in various nightclubs in and around the central Florida area. He is currently working for Templar Protection under Mr. Rowells.

Mr. Allen has recently returned to Tampa where he is teaching and training Kuntao Silat.

Instructor: Rick Clinton

Mr. Rick Clinton has martial arts background in U.S.A. Goju  Karate, but now has dedicated his training only to S.D.O martial arts system. He has been a key element in the development of the S.D.O structure, and the daily operations.

Instructor: Donny Hamilton

Mr. Donny Hamilton has been studying the S.D.O system, and has picked up the system quickly. Mr. Hamilton, and his family have been a tremendous support for S.D.O in all facets from its inception.

There is also a teacher that couldn't be mentioned because of certain circumstances. He knows who he is, but he will never know how much thanks and gratitude his students have for his knowledge and teaching.  Thank you T.L.
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