Self-Defense Orlando
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When you hear self defense what comes to mind? Clever cliche' techniques designed to thwart off an attacker?
A way to shut down a bully? How about having a chance to save your life or the life of a loved one or dear friend. Self-defense Orlando trains with a system that is martial arts based and designed to increase your chances to do just that, nothing is ever 100% but giving a 100% is better than doing nothing. Self defense is the best way to defend yourself from the unexpected or surprise attack. Our self defense uses natural body movements and eliminates wasted or unnecessary movements. Self defense should be quick and to the point and only used as a last resort to avoiding physical confrontation.
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 " Kun Tao is falling off a cliff, hitting a sharp rock every few feet all the way down.

" This thing we do is a state of mind. In that state, all movements become a single thought, it is pure intent.

 In that light.  You will be able to strike as fast as you can look, eventually, you will see without your eyes and your sight will be in your  mind. Here lies the warrior and the battle ground."

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